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Pin (auto parts) plastic molding (rubber molding products)



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Pin (auto parts) plastic molding (rubber molding products)

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Our company specializes in the production of rubber sealing products, pipe sealing rings, automobile sealing and shock absorption products and various rubber miscellaneous parts.
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product description

The rubber pin shaft has the following characteristics

1. Having multi-directional elasticity, namely torsional elasticity, axial and radial elasticity, capable of withstanding loads such as torsion, tension, compression, and shear

2. Low elastic modulus, large deformation, and the ability to bond with metals using vulcanization methods, fully leveraging the high elasticity of rubber under shear

3. It has high damping and shock absorption characteristics, with greater storage deformation energy than metal elastic components, and has good effects on mitigating impact and attenuating high-frequency vibration.

4. Good electrical insulation performance and low price

5. Oil resistance, poor heat resistance, easy aging, low strength, low load-bearing capacity, and instability.

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Our customers

At present, the main customers are: Dongfeng Second Automobile, Baoshide, Covus Robot, Hitachi, Dong-A Corporation, Kojima Corporation, Jiangsu Dongcheng Tools and other companies supporting the production of rubber products.




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