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At present, the main customers are: Dongfeng No.2 Automobile, Baoshide, Cobos Robot, Hitachi, Dongya Co., Ltd., Kojima Co., Ltd.,  Jiangsu Dongcheng Tools and many other companies supporting the production of rubber products.



Service Commitment

Our service goal: no complaints about product quality, no complaints about customer service

Service standard: enthusiasm, thoughtful, timely and effective

In the fierce market competition, it is necessary to always take the customer as the center, always put the customer in mind, and strive to change from "providing customers with products that meet their needs" to "providing customers with expectations that meet or even exceed expectations. The product". It truly reflects the company's "customer first" purpose and philosophy. Use our "sincerity, enthusiasm, and sincerity" in exchange for the user's "satisfaction, comfort, peace of mind".

Our service goal is "no complaints about product quality, no complaints about customer service", and the service standard is "enthusiasm, thoughtful, timely, and effective". We adopt a standardized marketing management system, a sound customer service charter, and a systematic service process. Provide customers with excellent service.

We respect and understand customers, and continue to provide services that exceed customer expectations, so that customers can rest assured.

We firmly believe that our 1% mistakes are losses for our customers, so we have been working hard to do better.

All employees understand that the important criterion for measuring our success is the degree to which we satisfy our customers.


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