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Innovation and development are both rigid and flexible

We achieve fair and open competition, and build an opportunity platform for employees to give full play to their personal strengths. Care for the elites more, so that employees who want to work have opportunities, and employees who can work have a stage. Let employees and the company grow together, enhance their sense of belonging and honor, and love the company and work, because caring for talents is caring for the development of the company itself.


Through years of development, the company has formed the core values of human resource management of "humanity-oriented, innovation and development of rigidity and flexibility", and has established a scientific and perfect human resource based on the basic principles of "ethics, ability, diligence, and performance". The policy and process of "selection, cultivation, use and retention" of resources.

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  • Commercial representative

    Ministry of Commerce

    No limit


    2020-06-28 20:34

    Salary: 面议
    Years of working: No limit
    Age: No limit
    Working place: Jiangsu Province-Nantong City-Qidong City

    1. Handle general business event requests of partners and deal with daily business work (order processing, rebate calculation, payment, etc.);

    2. Deal with quotation, customer tracking, customer credit management and other related affairs;

    3. Participate in and assist in business negotiation, contract and agreement drafting with partners (including suppliers);

    4. Collect industry market information and analyze and sort it;

    5. Assist in arranging business activities.

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